Movies inspired by books

Today one of my patrons wanted to check out The Great Gatsby on DVD. I told her it was not the new movie but she said she just wanted to see the story. Seeing the story is one thing that movies can do, sometimes even better than the book. It got me thinking. This year has so many great books being made into movies I want to highlight some on my school blog and maybe make a physical library display. First on my list of books to review include:

  • Ender’s game
  • City of Bones
  • Great Gatsby

ALA 2013 Great program #1 Ben Bizzle and Go Home Library, You’re Drunk

This was a great presentation about marketing your library. One of the things the presenter, Ben Bizzle, said that has been stuck in my head since ALA is it does not matter how much money you spend on resources like databases and books if no one is using them. He said budget to promote the library. Even just ten dollars a day can make a big impact on the number of people you are reaching. I am not a public librarian but there are plenty of ways I can market my library to reach more people.

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